In such a crowded and competitive marketplace, the need for students and graduates to acquire relevant skills and work experience before starting their career is more important than ever.

Doing a structured internship provides the perfect opportunity to build on, and gain, skills and experience specific to the career path you are looking to follow.

Internships vary in length; anything from a few weeks during the summer holidays to a year, depending on the sector and employer. Be clear about the type of company, the length of internship and what you want to achieve from the experience – setting goals and objectives at the outset will help you to find the internship that’s right for you.

Many employers use their intern programme as a way of assessing graduates’ skills and, often, this is a route to joining their graduate scheme. So make sure you identify an internship that is in a sector or industry that you are interested in.

CIMA is proud to be associated with many of the world’s largest and most prominent companies that offer such opportunities.