A f I D (Accounting for International Development)

Contact: Neil Jennings

Britannia House
11 Glenthorne Road
W6 0LH
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)208 741 7000

Email: najennings@btinternet.com

About A f I D (Accounting for International Development)

Accounting for International Development (A f I D) offers accountants the opportunity to use their skills to make a genuine difference as volunteers and to gain invaluable hands-on overseas experience in the International Development sector. Tailored and Structured Volunteer assignments of 2 to 12 weeks form part of an ongoing strategy to build the financial management capacity and long term sustainability of small community based charities across Africa, Asia and South America. Our partners which include street kid centres, health clinics and rural schools are doing amazing work to tackle extreme poverty and inequality in their communities but are unable to access vital professional services. A f I D is now supporting almost grassroots charities in 30 countries across Africa, Asia and South America and are keen to talk to more accountants willing to share their invaluable skills and experience. In only five years we are pleased to announce the placement of our 600th volunteer. This will take the total hours of pro-bono financial management coaching by our volunteers to over 126,970. An extraordinary effort, that assisted the development, and in some cases survival, of some fantastic organisations. A f I D is a double award winning social enterprise supported by UnLtd & The Millenium Awards Trust (Funded by the National Lottery).

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