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  • Social networking sites have proved to be a curse and a blessing both to job seekers and people who are in work. Our online activities leave a trail – often a permanent one – behind us, and something we said or did years ago might come back to haunt us.
  • How to create a CV that pops
  • Covering letters, emails or online application forms are a crucial part of the recruitment process. It is where you summarise your skills, experience and professional history – and it could determine whether or not a recruiter calls you in for an interview.
  • While working with a recruitment consultant, it’s critical you’re top of mind when the next position opens.
  • The traditional method of looking for work involves scouring job boards, sending off cover emails and CVs, and waiting patiently for an interview. While this is still an option, there are many alternatives that are equally, if not more, effective in today’s encouraging employment environment. ...