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  • Do you know how to ‘talk about yourself’ in an interview?
    How do you ‘talk about yourself’ in an interview? “Tell me about yourself” – this common interview question seems simple enough, but without proper preparation can cause you to slip up. Read on to find tips on how to structure your answer.
  • There are often managers or directors within your organisation that you want to be noticed by, like your boss’s boss. However, due to their seniority, they are just a little too far out of reach when it comes to building a relationship with them. Read on to find out how to build this vital rappor...
  • Interviews can already make you feel quite nervous, but when you’re asked to also give a presentation, you can feel even more apprehensive.
  • Interviews can be stressful situations, and you can’t beat yourself up about the odd slip up here and there. However, as part of your interview preparation, it is important to understand that a lot of the mistakes people make are both very common, and easily avoided. Put simply, the more prepared...
  • You career mentor is someone who can help you achieve your professional goals, and give you objective advice and support. If you’re ambitious about your career, a mentor can help you succeed. So why don’t you have one?