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  • How to succeed in your career without becoming a people manager
    Your career progression options are not limited to management roles. Let the recruitment experts discuss 4 ways you can pursue career success – without managing people.
  • In a competitive job market, how do you grab the attention of an employer? Make your CV stand out from the crowd by answering these three vital questions.
  • In order to move forward within your career, it is necessary to be your own ‘biggest fan’ and communicate to others about your skills and successes, otherwise you may find yourself stuck in a career rut. Find out the five ways here to give you greater control of your future path.
  • There are plenty of common traits shared by people from every walk of life, working at all levels, in each part of the world – for example, all of us eat, breathe, sleep and have imagination. But until that imagination is applied to something, can we all honestly say that we’re creative?
  • Accountancy and finance professionals who can keep pace with ever-changing technology and legislation will be in demand this year...
  • How do you ‘talk about yourself’ in an interview? “Tell me about yourself” – this common interview question seems simple enough, but without proper preparation can cause you to slip up. Read on to find tips on how to structure your answer.
  • There are often managers or directors within your organisation that you want to be noticed by, like your boss’s boss. However, due to their seniority, they are just a little too far out of reach when it comes to building a relationship with them. Read on to find out how to build this vital rappor...
  • Interviews can already make you feel quite nervous, but when you’re asked to also give a presentation, you can feel even more apprehensive.
  • Interviews can be stressful situations, and you can’t beat yourself up about the odd slip up here and there. However, as part of your interview preparation, it is important to understand that a lot of the mistakes people make are both very common, and easily avoided. Put simply, the more prepared...
  • You career mentor is someone who can help you achieve your professional goals, and give you objective advice and support. If you’re ambitious about your career, a mentor can help you succeed. So why don’t you have one?
  • Change is the new norm in our digital world, and this applies as much to accounting as it does to anything else but it looks like most UK workers haven’t woken up to the fact - have you?
  • The digitisation of recruitment and the rise of professional social media have made it far easier to hunt for a job while employed than it was a decade ago.
  • As a management accountant you have the potential to build a highly successful career in finance. To move up the career ladder, you are going to have to successfully convert job interviews into job offers — simple to say, but not always easy to do.
  • CIMA has updated its online salary calculator allows you to calculate average salaries according to different career factors.
  • There’s some understandable concern these days about the possibility that increased use of artificial intelligence (AI) will lead to job losses amongst accounting and audit professionals.
  • When a performance review date pops up in your calendar, you may quickly leap to thinking it's your ticket to a new salary band, but keep in mind a performance review and a salary review are not the same thing.
  • Looking for a job can be a lot like dating.
  • Want to save time at work? Rethink your approach to email.
  • When feeling overwhelmed by an ever-expanding to-do list, many of us make the mistake of trying to plough through as much as we can, without pausing to think about how best to use our time.
  • Most professionals switch jobs during their careers. They look for new opportunities or a shorter commute, or a different work/life balance