Is your CV selling you short?

Take a look at your CV: does it really make you stand out from the crowd? It may list all those great achievements, such as saving your company money or improving profitability and growth, but so could the CVs of many other finance professionals. Have you included what makes you a professional? Perhaps so, but have you included what makes you a ‘CIMA professional’?

CIMA’s Royal charter, bylaws and regulations are the rules that govern the conduct of all its students and members – essentially they are the laws of the institute. They underpin your professional standing through their regulatory and monitoring procedures, and, where necessary, their disciplinary procedures. They ensure you are competent, trusted and working within the public interest – attributes that are valued in any business.

You are also bound by a code of ethics and work within its fundamental principles of integrity, objectivity, confidentiality, professional behaviour and competence, and due care.  By upholding the code of ethics, you are well placed to champion the business-ethics principles that lend themselves to successful sustainability strategies. The ethical aspect of the CIMA qualification, CIMA membership and the CGMA designation is what sets professionally qualified individuals apart.

“Today, employers don’t just look for technical skills, but also for attributes such as professionalism, ethics and integrity. Many HR employees look to recruit qualified professionals who have been trained in these and who are members of a professional body. It’s an important differentiator in a crowded employment market.”  

                                                                                                            Director of HR, CIMA

CIMA professional development (CPD) shows you have a commitment to lifelong learning. You regularly assess your development goals and needs, select appropriate activities for improvement and act upon them accordingly. In short, by keeping your skills up to date you remain relevant to business.

CIMA has equipped you with the skills and behaviours that today’s employers are looking for. So next time you review your CV or have an interview for that dream job, don’t forget it’s something you really should be shouting about!

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