How to write a killer LinkedIn profile that dovetails with your CV

I keep hearing people referring to LinkedIn as a social media platform and persuading themselves that it is not for them because they aren’t an avid user of Facebook or Twitter. The truth is that if you are a job seeker then LinkedIn is absolutely critical.

Here are some interesting statistics: LinkedIn has over 370 million members of which 56% are male and 46% are female, 40% of LinkedIn users check it daily, and 85% of people that make hiring decisions will check you out on LinkedIn before inviting you for an interview.

The statistics are compelling on their own yet the killer point is that LinkedIn has become the largest candidate database in the world and it is one of the key places that recruiters and hiring managers look for talent. I did some recent consultancy work with a top tier recruiter in the banking sector and observed that half their recruitment team spent the entire day searching for candidates and connecting with them on LinkedIn with a view to discussing job opportunities with them.

We should also nail the point that LinkedIn is not social media - it is a professional networking site that professionals use to build their network of business contacts. By default, it has become a vast candidate database but if you are not on this database then you are cutting off a big chunk of the recruitment market.

Once you have embraced its importance it is important to make sure that your profile is complete, well written and compelling. It is also critical that it dovetails with your CV without being a complete regurgitation. Think of it more as your personal website than a Facebook profile and make sure that the content is high impact and impressive so that a potential employer or client is going to be interested in your talents.

Interestingly, you get 13 times more views if you list skills and you are 3 times more likely to be contacted about an opportunity if you have a selection of positive recommendations in your profile.

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