How to Handle Career Dilemmas: A Quick Guide

Published: 10 Feb 2014

How to Handle Career Dilemmas: A Quick Guide

Decisions about how to approach everyday tasks in the workplace are usually pretty straightforward. Occasionally, though, situations arise where the best course of action is not so clear. Following are three examples of career dilemmas you may encounter, along with suggestions on how to handle them.

You find out a colleague, who has the same job as you, makes more money.

Before immediately going to your boss with your concerns, take this opportunity to do some research first. Consult accounting-specific resources such as online salary calculators and the Salary Guide published annually by Robert Half.  This will give you an idea of what other accounting professionals with skills similar to yours are paid. You can then approach your manager with information that will lend credibility to your request.

You’ve heard from a friend about a potential new job that sounds intriguing, but you’re happy with the job you have.

A change may sound exciting, but be sure to compare salary and benefits packages, opportunities for advancement, and company environment before you make a leap. It’s also a good idea to meet with your manager to discuss your career path and remuneration potential at your current company without mentioning the possible new job.

You have the opportunity to head up a challenging project.

Before immediately volunteering, weigh up the pros and cons. Is this the best project to help you improve your skills and broaden your scope within the organisation? Another key consideration: Do you really have enough time given your current responsibilities? If you are still hesitant, you may want to consider a lesser role instead of spearheading the project. This could still give you the chance to be involved, hone your skills and increase your visibility.

What most workplace dilemmas have in common is that there is no single, obvious way to solve them. Carefully weighing your options can help you feel more confident you’ve made the decision that’s right for you.

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