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Published: 08 Aug 2013

Social networking sites have proved to be a curse and a blessing both to job seekers and people who are in work. Our online activities leave a trail – often a permanent one – behind us, and something we said or did years ago might come back to haunt us.

Recruiters can easily go on sites such as Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn to do some background research on a candidate – so if you’re looking for a job, it’s a good idea to see what information about you might be available. You want to show your best side and project a professional, hard-working image. Watch what you say when you update your status if you want your comments to be publicly available.

What’s your strategy? Decide how much time you’re willing to invest, and then choose specific tasks that will help you achieve your goals. You may decide to join five new LinkedIn groups, follow 10 new people on Twitter each month, or network on Facebook for a set amount of time each day. Change your approach to find out what works best for you. Investing just a few minutes a day can help you manage your time and pay significant returns.

What can you offer that’s different from others? If you’re an expert in your field, or just well versed on a particular topic, you can share your knowledge with others. Provide links to relevant articles or videos. Ideally, you can offer insights on industry trends or share some unique expertise of your own.

How to tend to your network in only five minutes a day:

Networking online doesn’t need to be time-consuming. You can develop your professional reputation through simple etiquette practices that require only a few minutes of your time each day.

  1. Be the first to have a point of view. Share a relevant news article and add value by including an observation that may not be so obvious to others.
  2. Let them know they’ve been heard. Listen to what your network has to say so that you can make an informed suggestion or relevant introduction.
  3. Establish yourself as the go-to person. Consider connecting your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts to establish more visibility. Tweet your professional ideas and links into your profile using the hash tag #in
  4. Try to add at least one new person to your network each week. Growing networks are far more effective than stagnant ones.




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