Career tips: 6 Steps to Success: Securing the Promotion You Deserve

Published: 10 Feb 2014

Don’t wait until you’re tired of working on the same old project team or trapped on a preordained track to kick-start your career.  Assuming a new role with greater responsibility is one of the best ways to stay challenged and fulfilled at work.  Here are six strategies for getting ahead:    

  1. Love what you do.  If you don’t love your job, it’s hard to compete with those who do.  The ones with the most passion tend to go the extra mile and come up with the most creative ideas.  If you’re not happy in your position, pinpoint the projects you enjoy and are best at, and try to take on more of these initiatives. 
  2. Create a spark.  Identify areas where you can make a significant impact – propose a new way of shorting the time spent on reporting or suggest a potential client account to pursue.  Alternately, attend an industry conference and present what you learned at a staff meeting.  You’ll impress others with your can-do attitude and fresh perspective.   
  3. Indulge your mind.  Enroll in a class you’ve been longing to take but haven’t made the time for – your firm may be willing to pay a portion of the cost.  You also can research online or attend a seminar to stay attuned to the latest accounting topics and issues.  Companies want team members to have specific, up-to-date skills, so it’s in your best interest to keep feeding your brain. 
  1. Be supportive.  Surprise overburdened coworkers with a helping hand.  You’ll not only lift their spirits, but also increase your visibility within the company while demonstrating initiative and enthusiasm.  When performance reviews roll around, you’ll have strong peer references and a reputation for being a team player.    
  1. Develop internal networks.  Create opportunities to spend time with your boss and coworkers outside the office.  It’s a great way to build rapport and identify role models.  If you meet someone who demonstrates star qualities, study that person to learn more about his or her winning ways.   
  2. Wear your heart on your sleeve.  Don’t assume your work speaks for itself – share your aspirations with your manager and express your interest in a promotion.  Enlist your supervisor’s aid in moving up the ladder – he or she may be able to help you map out your next move. 


Although you might not get the first promotion you try for, don’t be discouraged.  By signaling that you are serious about moving up within the firm – and putting in the work necessary to develop a strong professional reputation – you build a strong case for advancement.  When the next promotion comes along, it just might be yours!  


Watch our video “How to ask for a promotion” to gain further tips on your next career move.

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