7 ways to make your boss love you

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, relationships are top of mind. A relationship that is often overlooked and which has a great impact on your career is the one you have with your boss. The benefit of having your manager value your skills will help when you come to negotiate a pay rise or ask for extra career development.

The question ‘how can you make your boss love you?’ comes down to the actions you take at work. Take these seven easy steps to help make your boss love the work you do:

1. Do the basics well

Performing simple tasks autonomously, without requiring constant direction from your boss can help to build a strong relationship. Most team leaders don't have the time to micro-manage their employees as well as concentrate on their own objectives. If you are able to complete the fundamentals of your role without too much guidance or oversight then you are more likely to be on your manager’s good side.

2. Deliver results

Business is a results game, so if you're a productive employee who exceeds their targets and produces work of a consistent high standard, you'll always be in favour with your boss. Remember your manager is often responsible for the collective results of the team, so your positive results are a reflection on them as well.  

3. Keep your promises

If you say you're going to do something, then you should follow through. Avoid making unrealistic commitments that you have to go back on at a later date. You should never say you can do something if you know you won't be able to – it's much better to be honest from the outset.

4. Transfer your knowledge

If you've got knowledge, skills and expertise in a particular area, and are willing to spend time helping your colleagues improve their understanding, you can add significant value to your team. Employers love team members who aren’t only interested in themselves and are willing to mentor their colleagues.

5. Be aware of their priorities

The more aware of your manager’s priorities the more chance you have of improving your work relationship. So if they have an important focus, make sure it’s on your radar and you are able to adapt to their requirements.

6. Go the extra mile

If you’re really wanting to make your employer love you, then the best way is to go above and beyond what is required of you. Employers are always impressed with people who are prepared to go beyond their job description. Are you willing to accept new challenges, and do what is necessary to deliver the best possible team result?

7. Invest in your own development

Professionals who work hard and invest in their own career development will always be popular with employers. Ambitious individuals, who are eager to get on and make the most of their skills, are often the most productive and high-performing.

Why keep your employer on-side?

First and foremost, if you're boss loves the work you do then your day-to-day enjoyment and job satisfaction are likely to be higher. You won't be worried about conflict situations arising, and you know you'll be involved with everything that's going on in the office.

But keeping your boss on-side also makes sense from a career development perspective. If you're looking to improve your relationship or further your career, having a great employee-manager relationship will help. Whether you're looking to advance your career internally or externally, they may be able to lend assistance.

This article was adapted from Robert Half’s blog

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