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  • CIMA’s Official 2017 Salary Insights Tool
    CIMA has updated its online salary calculator allows you to calculate average salaries according to different career factors.
  • When a valued employee quits, the loss of intellectual property and product knowledge could actually have a bigger long-term impact than the cost of hiring new staff.
  • Career progression is top of mind for many management accountants, and the scope of a role and the prospects it holds for promotion are strong motivating factors for those considering their next move.
  • The UK’s vote to exit the EU has left UK employees with numerous concerns, from job security to migration status. Although the terms of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU are beyond their control and concrete information upon which to build their response is scarce, business leaders still need to co...
  • The struggling state of global currency values and equity markets hogged headlines in the immediate aftermath of the UK’s vote last week to leave the EU, the referendum known as the Brexit. In the days since, the possible effects on the European talent pool, as well as several known unknowns, are...
  • An alarming proportion of financial managers think that the school-leavers and graduates they hire are inadequately prepared for work, new CIMA research has found.
  • I began my career in finance in my early twenties as an accounts assistant at a website design firm in London called Deep Group.
  • I first heard about the institute as a graduate in commerce, when I moved from India to the UK...
  • Rapid change in technology has become the biggest source of pressure on company finance and accounting teams.
  • High-performing companies have figured out ways to separate themselves from their peers.
  • Matt Miller, ACMA, CGMA, talks about the initiatives BAE Systems has put in place to develop and retain a steady stream of high-calibre talent.
  • Should you leave the big corporate role to go with a start-up? Do you focus on specialist areas knowing there may (or may not) be someone to fill in the gaps? How do you climb the ladder to success?
  • Part 1 of our Personal Branding series - Author of 'Personal branding for Brits' Jennifer Holloway gives her insight into the basics of personal branding.